A Statistical Glance at the Diocese
The Diocese consists of eight islands spread over an area of 680 square miles (approx). These islands occupy about 550 square miles of this area. The population of the right islands total 331,600 (approx) and is distributed as follows:

St. Vincent 94,000

Union 1,300

Bequia 2,600

Grenada 105,000

Mustique 100

Carriacou 8,000

Canouan 600

St. Lucia 120,000

Anglicans make up 17% of the population of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (St. Vincent, Union, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan) (2001 census).

The Diocese consists of sixteen parishes with fifty-three churches or places of worship. Twenty-four of these are in St. Vincent, seventeen in Grenada, five in St. Lucia, two in Bequia, two in Carriacou; one each in Canouan, Mustique and Union Island.

There are five Secondary and sixteen Primary Church schools in the Diocese with over 12,800 pupils currently attending these schools.

The five Secondary Schools are: Bishop’s College, Kingstown; Bishop’s College, Carriacou; Anglican Community High School, Bequia; Anglican High School, Grenada; and St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School, Grenada.

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